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Primary Broker & Firm Application


This is for a Primary Principal Broker membership with GSMAR. If your office/firm is not in our MLS already then follow the directions below. If your office/firm is already in the MLS, go back and fill out the Primary Member application instead. 

Below is the description for each box. Please check the boxes that apply to your membership.

eKey- is for having access to our Supra eKey system. This allows you to place eKey boxes on homes and enter homes with eKey boxes on them. Check this box only if you need access to the Supra eKey system.

REALTOR® State and National- This is a mandatory box. Please check this one. It includes the NAR and TNR dues.

REALTOR® Local- this covers the GSMAR membership dues. This box is also mandatory

MLS Primary- this box is for access to the GSMAR MLS. This is also mandatory as the broker must have access to the MLS.

REALTOR® Office- This is the application for a new firm that has never been in the GSMAR MLS before. This is a one time fee.

If you have questions about what type of membership you need to apply for please call us at 

865-453-1248 before filling out the application. 

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